Learn How to Save 20% and More on Direct Mail Procurement

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Noosh is a popular software platform for managing direct mail programs from specification through procurement and delivery. We surveyed several of our customers to better understand the benefits of this approach, and have summarized our findings in this report.

Download your copy of the Noosh Direct Mail Report. Get new insights that may help your own direct mail program and see how procurement and project management software can save you money, time, and improve the quality of your work.

Direct mail report
  • See the cost savings achieved by leading enterprise procurement teams
  • Understand how KPIs like quality, flexibility, and timeliness are impacted
  • Learn how to stop virtually all purchases of above-market priced printing services

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There's a Reason Big Name Brands Depend on SaaS solutions from Noosh for Marketing Print Procurement

Noosh provides a cloud-based platform for the procurement and management of marketing materials. Our solution has been used for more than 175,000 projects just last year for a total spend of more than $1.6 billion. Noosh enterprise software makes it possible for procurement professionals and marketers to collaborate and deliver projects at more competitive prices, in less time, and with higher quality.

Print or digital, Noosh manages them both.

Using Noosh, your entire enterprise communications strategy can be managed on a single platform. From content planning and marketing procurement to customer engagement and analysis, Noosh products work on printed content and digital alike to help ensure content is delivering a consistent conversation with prospects and customers.

Noosh is integrated throughout the enterprise.

Using SAP for your financials? Ariba for purchasing? Noosh has over 60 integrations with other enterprise systems. This means marketing will never be a silo again, and everyone will have visibility into project costs, access to centralized digital assets, hooks for proofing and compliance checks, and more.

CMOs have transparency with unparalleled reporting.

Noosh excels at providing critical insights about procurement projects including cost analysis, vendor ratings, project turn times, and more. Team members never have to slow down when department heads need answers fast. It's right there on their own private dashboard.

Leverage team collaboration, vendor bidding, and more

Working on direct mail projects? Noosh can make your job easier while also delivering improvements in costs, vendor management, process flow, and more.

  • Let marketers initiate new direct mail projects using the Noosh platform
  • Detailed specifications can be completed by purchasing
  • Send specs to different suppliers to get bids using a sealed bidding process, open bidding, or even a reverse auction
  • Once a quote has been selected and awarded, Noosh makes sure the vendor receives all relevant assets and also manages any change orders
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