The Procurement and Sourcing Benchmark Report

Each year we cull through thousands of projects to gather useful insights about costs, collaboration, vendor management, and more. You'll see data that includes print projects, direct mail, digital work, and more across a variety of industries around the world.

Download your copy of this essential benchmark to help with your own planning efforts and budgeting.

Procurement benchmark
  • Results come from more than 175,000 projects including print, digital, and direct mail
  • Insights include average cost per project, team size, duration, change orders, and more
  • Compare your company's procurement and production efforts to industry averages

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Noosh for print procurement and project management

Noosh provides a cloud-based platform for the procurement and management of marketing materials, including print and digital projects. Our solution has been used for more than 175,000 projects just last year for a total spend of more than $1.6 billion. Noosh enterprise software makes it possible for procurement professionals and marketers to collaborate and deliver projects at more competitive prices, in less time, and with higher quality.


Print or digital procurement, Noosh manages them both.

Use Noosh to work on printed materials as well and digital, managing your entire enterprise marketing procurement strategy on a single SaaS platform. By eliminating spreadsheets and lost emails, Noosh streamlines complex project specifications, vendor management, team communications, and more.

Noosh is integrated throughout the enterprise.

Using SAP for your financials? Ariba for purchasing? Noosh has over 60 integrations with other enterprise systems. This means marketing will never be a silo again, and everyone will have visibility into project costs, access to centralized digital assets, hooks for proofing and compliance checks, and more.


CFOs and CMOs have transparency with unparalleled reporting.

Noosh excels at providing critical insights about procurement projects including cost analysis, vendor ratings, project turn times, and more. With detailed audit trails and a stored history of projects, team members never have to slow down when department heads need answers fast.

There's a reason big name brands depend on Noosh

Over 20,000 users from 5,000 companies are using Noosh to manage procurement and production of corporate materials. We're proud to offer a SaaS-based solution that embraces the entire spectrum of marketing procurement while helping procurement and strategic sourcing professionals reduce costs and use best-in-class vendors to support the effort.

Whirlpool uses Noosh
Standard Register uses Noosh
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